who knew Portland was so interesting?

I started watching Portlandia semi-recently on Netflix after reading a really positive review for it online. Since then, I’ve been barreling through episodes faster than a one-legged man in a kicking contest.

I was hooked after the first song in the first few minutes of the first episode. If you don’t mind harboring an ear worm, check it out!

Portlandia is a satirical sketch comedy that is filmed in and around Portland, Oregon, and stars Carrie Brownstein and former Saturday Night Live (SNL) actor Fred Armisen. Both cast members are also main writers for the show, along with Allison Silverman from The Colbert Report and Jonathan Krisel, a writer for SNL.

Premiering in 2011, the show recently concluded its fourth season, and has been renewed for a fifth.

Portlandia depicts its city as a place in which people of all subcultures are welcome to blatantly express themselves. This concept is repeatedly mocked and exaggerated through a medley of characters featured in the show, from persnickety feminist bookstore owners to a duo obsessed with pickling things.

Check out the free-spirited couple who goes through great lengths to learn about the life of a chicken they are considering eating!

The entire series is made up of an endless stream of free-associating sketches, but the later seasons seem to build more of a plot line, with certain characters extending across multiple episodes. I, for one, welcome the change because some of the characters are well worth watching again and again!

8/10 – perfect short-length show to put on as entertainment while you do boring household tasks.


About ashleysnetpicks

Hello, my name is Ashley. I completed my undergrad at McMaster University in Communications, and am now working towards a public relations certificate. I’ve also had the chance to work with some really great organizations in the field, including the Canada Border Services Agency, Bayer Inc. and the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology. On a more personal level, I enjoy playing sports, reading and spending time with friends. I also have a “minor” Netflix addiction that I’ve decided to make use of through the majesty of blogging. Enjoy!
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3 Responses to who knew Portland was so interesting?

  1. nasfu9112 says:

    “You had me at hello” Oops….I mean Fred Armisen! I have not heard of this series until now but after watching Dream of the 90’s and the sketch about Free Range Chicken with Jason Sudeikis, it had me laughing out loud. I’m going to give Portlandia a fair shot to seduce me with it’s “satirical sketch comedy!” Thanks again for another great Netflix recommendation.

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  2. william brandons says:

    show is hilarious. although, i wonder if portland even knows it’s as interesting as portrayed in the show. i’ve visited portland before and wish it was half this good!


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