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not your average misfits

Misfits has been classified as many things: action, drama, science fiction, dark comedy and supernatural. I, however, think it’s more suitable to say that it’s underwhelming, chaotic and not overly entertaining. The British show revolves around a group of young … Continue reading

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Being brand spanking new to WordPress, I have no idea what this award is; however, I never win anything so WOOPI! Thanks, Honestly, Libby, for the nomination. Okay, now on to the fun stuff. 1. If you could live anywhere … Continue reading

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METHinks it’s to die for

The days of Breaking Bad are upon us. To anyone who has spent endless hours watching, thinking and talking about the show, it should come as no surprise when I say that Breaking Bad is quite possible one of the best … Continue reading

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TV Land Pulls ‘Cosby Show’ From Lineup

Originally posted on CBS Sacramento:
NEW YORK (AP) – NBC has scrapped a Bill Cosby comedy that was under development and TV Land will stop airing reruns of “The Cosby Show,” moves that came a day after another woman came…

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Tina Fey’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Series Moves From NBC to Netflix

Originally posted on TVLine:
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is breaking free of NBC. The comedy, co-created by Tina Fey and starring Ellie Kemper, originally was slated to air on the Peacock network. Now, it’s moving to Netflix, the streaming video service announced…

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a movie that has definitely caught fire

I have this weird, hipster-like tendency to not read or watch anything that’s rampantly popular until the frenzy has died down. I couldn’t help myself with The Hunger Games though; all of that teen angst and glorious fighting was hard … Continue reading

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a Hotz show

Watching Kenny vs. Spenny (KvS) is like watching a more comedic, humane and Jewish Kim Jung Un terrorize a higher-strung, Canadian version of Karl Pilkington. As you can imagine, it’s quite entertaining. Filmed in their shared Toronto apartment, Kenny Hotz … Continue reading

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