the 100 reasons to like this show

Well, a little less than 100. Who has the time to come up with a list like that?

I came across this gem a few months ago when it was first released on Netflix. It’s apparently licensed exclusively to Netflix in Canada. Cool. The suits have placed a lot of faith in Canadians’ liking for new-world drama and exceedingly attractive teenagers.

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The 100, an American post-apocalyptic series, is set a hundred years after a global nuclear war that nearly destroyed all life on Earth. The only known survivors were those fortunate enough to be in one of twelve orbiting space stations prior to the worldwide devastation. After the stations meld into one “Ark,” crimes of all nature become punishable by death; unless, of course, the wrongdoer is under the age of 18.

In the first episode, the viewers are informed that the Ark’s life support systems are failing. As a last measure of hope, one hundred “expendable” juvenile prisoners are sent down to Earth to determine if it has become livable.

Led by Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), the gang of crooks have to work together to survive on a planet that they’ve only ever seen pictures of.

…But are they alone? Bah bah baaaaaaah.

The 100 wins my own personal award for weirdest named characters on television, with names like Bellamy, Octavia and Finn.

It also has an unbelievable drop-jaw-to-floor attractive cast. Awooooooga.

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The 100 kind of reminds me of Terra Nova, but with completely different plot.

8/10 – If you’re entertained by angsty and irrational characters exploring uncharted territories and getting in all kinds of trouble, you’ll love this show.


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