a show that doesn’t have to fish for compliments

I have a completely irrational and exaggerated fear of all fish, even little harmless ones. I think it all started when I was a small kid and my mom tried to take a sunfish off of my hook. I remember her slicing her hand on its back spikes and squirting blood all over the boat, while screaming hysterically. Then her whole hand fell off. Well, that’s what might as well have happened.

I realize that it’s quite a silly phobia; however, River Monsters makes me feel just a little less loony for why I refuse to swim in anything but a pool.

River Monsters is a wildlife documentary television series hosted by fearless fish-fanatic, adventure-man and biologist Jeremy Wade, who travels to foreign countries in search of the most giant, grotesque, rare and nightmare-inducing fish.

Seriously, how terrifying is this fish?

photo credit: peoplepets.com

And these ones?

photo credit: blog.commarts.wisc.edu

photo credit: alphacoders.com

I could do this all day. What the heck is this thing?

photo credit: animalplanet.com

Mr. Daredevil Wade tries to catch river atrocities that are misunderstood in the area to be some devil-reincarnate of a fish. By considering clues and eye-witness accounts of people being devoured by these underwater monsters, Jeremy attempts to catch the biggest possible specimen for the world to see. He then, as a complete nut, releases them back into the water to keep wreaking havoc on humans.

Yes, River Monsters has absolutely increased my fear of fish. I will forever picture one of these beasts lingering under my feet when I’m swimming, even if it’s just in a pool. Damn you vivid imagination!

It’s not even like these spawns of Satan are being caught in distant, unfrequented spots – some are caught in places fairly close to home, like Florida, Missouri and Vermont.

River Monsters is a really entertaining and educational show. Jeremy catches a wide variety of creatures throughout the hour-long episodes, usually leading up to the Moby-Dick of all catches at the end.

Like this ginormous stingray.

photo credit: fishsiam.com

7.5/10 – I never thought I’d like a fishing show so much. The sound and camera effects make it feel like you’re watching a scary movie, and you learn a lot about rare and endangered fish.


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Hello, my name is Ashley. I completed my undergrad at McMaster University in Communications, and am now working towards a public relations certificate. I’ve also had the chance to work with some really great organizations in the field, including the Canada Border Services Agency, Bayer Inc. and the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology. On a more personal level, I enjoy playing sports, reading and spending time with friends. I also have a “minor” Netflix addiction that I’ve decided to make use of through the majesty of blogging. Enjoy!
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2 Responses to a show that doesn’t have to fish for compliments

  1. thestylishdater says:

    ewww at some of those monsters. I do not have irrational fear of under water creatures… or rather I didn’t until now. Thanks a lot Jeremy Wade and Ashley. Swim in an ocean with dolphins? Hell no. They won’t protect me.


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