not your average misfits

Misfits has been classified as many things: action, drama, science fiction, dark comedy and supernatural. I, however, think it’s more suitable to say that it’s underwhelming, chaotic and not overly entertaining.

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The British show revolves around a group of young criminals working in a community service program that gain supernatural powers after a bizarre electrical storm. What I found pretty cool was that the powers one received was based on their character; for example, Curtis Donovan (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) wants desperately to change something in his past, and thus receives the ability to time travel. It makes the newly omnipotent teenagers (and in turn, the audience) reevaluate what they believed to be true and important, considering their new circumstances.

I started off really liking the show. I found the premise to be uniquely creative, and the characters wryly and entertaining. Being young offenders, they have a spunk that’s typically unseen in television shows. The story lines were somewhat simple, even though it involved some time travel, and it followed the same group: Kelly (Lauren Socha), who has telepathy, Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), who can time travel, beautiful and overconfident Alisha (Antonia Thomas), who sends people into a sexual frenzy when they touch her skin, Simon (Iwan Rheon), who has the power of invisibility, and Nathan (Robert Sheehan), who appears to be unchanged (his power is revealed at the end of season one).

Moving in to the later seasons, however, things started going downhill. The plot became scattered, and quite frankly, stupid. The characters decide to sell their powers to a man, who gives them new powers instead. One character receives the ability to switch from a man to woman whenever he wants, and ends up getting himself pregnant. Another character can resurrect the dead, but once “alive,” they turn into zombies.

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That wasn’t even the reason why I stopped watching. The last straw was near the middle of season three, when everything got even more ridiculous (if you could imagine). During the storm, a transvestite was given the power to take anyone’s penis that “she” wanted. So, naturally, she steals one of the main character’s manhood (and shows it to boot). The plot then became to find his penis from the grimy transvestite. Blargh.

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Premiering in 2009, Misfits concluded after five seasons in 2013.

Watch the first two seasons and then stop!

Season one: 7.5/10

Season two: 6/10

Season three (and assumedly four & five): 3/10 – focuses on a man’s “junk,” and turns out to be junk.


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