no condom on the bro, and you’ve got yourself a show

Pramface is a British comedy-drama starring a young lady and boy who become parents after a drunken night of fun. The morning after, Jamie (Sean Verey) leaves Laura (Scarlett Alice Johnson) a note with his number on it, only to get a life-changing call a number of weeks later from his one-night-stand saying that she’s pregnant.

You quickly find out that while Laura is 18 years old, Jamie is only 16.

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The first season follows the pregnancy, both main characters, and their friends as they try to come to terms with the shocking news. The second and third seasons focus more on the actual struggles of parenthood, and really highlight the super awkward limbo of a relationship that Jamie and Laura have.

I was embarrassingly slow to realize that “pramface” was probably some sort of British term, and eventually learned that it’s an offensive slang meant to insult someone that is or looks like a poor teenage mother.

I thought it was pretty neat that the whole cast is made up of essentially eight characters: the two main characters and their parents, and Jamie’s two best friends.

Pramface reminds me of a lot of other sitcoms, in that the show is PG-13 funny, but the acting and plot line can be super cheesy. The part of the entire series that I got most excited about, was realizing that Jamie’s dad Keith was Dolorous Edd from Game of Thrones (Ben Crompton).

Putting on my feminist pants for a second, I was sort of disappointed that the show reinforced traditional views of teenage parenthood. Laura was, for the most part, expected to raise the child, while Jamie could come and go as he pleased. Even though the father was still in high school and the mother had graduated, I still think they could have made Jamie more eager to be involved, especially after depicting him as such a caring and selfless person.

I was also bummed at the consistently slow-paced storyline. The show revolved around petty teenage dramas, like “is she going to come to my birthday party” or “can he do a good job babysitting for two hours.”

Airing from 2012 to 2014, the series is typically composed of six half-hour long episodes. Unfortunately for fans, a fourth season is not in the cards for Pramface.

6.5/10 – an average, anti-climactic British sitcom, probably better suited for preteens and teens.


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